wedding pearls   € 95

wedding necklace with pastel shade keishi pearls   € 98

wedding pearls

This necklace suits beautifully with a white wedding dress!
The necklace is made of lots of white baroc pearls, attached to white cotton cord with fine silver wire. Baroc pearls have a capricious shape and an enormous shine, which make the bride shine even more!

Lenght: 140 cm.


€ 95


wedding necklace with pastel shade keishi pearls

I designed this necklace for a friend of mine who was getting married.
I knew she was going to wear a golden, light pink and salmon-coloured dress and I designed it to fit these colours. It suited wonderfully! I used keishi pearls in several pastel shades and attached them with the finest silver wire to a salmon-coloured cotton cord. The high luster of the keishi pearls created this lovely wedding glow and made the bride shine even more!
You wear it twice or 3 times around your neck and close it with a sterling silver toggle. You can also wear it as a bracelet and, unlike the average wedding dress, still wear it after the wedding!

This necklace is also great with a white, a brown or a silvergrey cotton cord. If you prefer one of these colours, please send an email to

Lenght: 150 cm.


€ 98