My pearls

 All my necklaces are unique

Just as every person is different, each pearl is also different and tells its own story. Our necklaces are all small stories, made of all these pearls. They are all handmade in my studio in Amsterdam. Piece by piece every pearl is fixed to a cotton string with silver wire. That way every time a unique jewel takes shape.
The necklace you will choose for yourself or for a friend, carries a uniqueness that only belongs to you or them!

The pearls I use for

I use a selection of the most beautiful fresh water pearls from China, where they are cultured in big lakes. The implanted nucleus disappears partly and sometimes even completely during the culturing process, giving them the capricious character I love so much.

Keishi pearls

Amongst the 'Specials' are the necklaces I make with keishi pearls. These pearls are cultured in Japan in Lake Biwa and are known for their radiant colour and their high lustre, that looks almost metallic. Because the implanted nucleus is taken during the process of culturing, the pearl gets the very special form of the keishi pearl.

How to tie

There are several ways to tie the necklace. 
The easiest and most efficient one being a singular knot.

A very suitable knot for the longer necklaces is the following:
Swing the necklace two to three times around your neck,
Take the end of one of the loose cords and put it between the other loose cord and the one (or two) that is around your neck. Then gently pull through. see photo!

Jewellery care

All my jewellery is hand made in my studio in Amsterdam and in Bali with the most delicate care and high quality materials. Here's my advice on how to take care of your jewellery to keep it nice.

Don't take a bath or shower wearing your pearls.
Perfume, cosmetics and hairspray can damage your pearls, so don't use them when wearing them.
Put your hair up before swinging the necklace around your neck as it can get entangled.
Keep your pearls somewhere free of sharp objects, like precious stones with sharp edges. Best is to keep them in a dark space.
When not wearing, hang the necklace to keep its shape and stop it from becoming tangled.
Perspiration can damage the luster of the pearl. For instance after a warm day, clean your jewellery by softly rubbing them with a damp soft cloth.
It is only normal that silver discolours after some time. You can use a  special  silver polishing cloth to get the silver to shine again.
Last but not least. The more you wear your  pearls, the more they will shine!

Is it 'real'? 

There are a few ways to check if the pearl is real or synthetic:
When rubbing it with your teeth a real pearl feels like a little stone. A synthetic one is softer.
Real pearls are heavier than synthetic ones.
Real pearls feel cold when you first wear them and need to adjust to your body temperature. An imitation one will always maintain the room temperature.