elegant bracelet with silver balls   € 30

Bracelet with fine silk cord   € 38

silk bracelet with mini pearls   € 42

cool pearl bracelet   € 52

elegant bracelet with silver balls

Knotted with the finest silk thread, this bracelet slides to open or close to any size.

I have tried to make a casual bracelet that you can where in everyday life but with the appearance of absolute grandeur. 

By integrating the best sterling silver and the most shiny silk in a casual design, this sporty bracelet gets the classy, chique radiance I was looking for! I hope you like it as much as I do!

This bracelet with the five sterling silver balls is available in gray, black and brown silk cord.
Please note with your order which colour you want!


€ 30


Bracelet with fine silk cord

This very elegant bracelet is made of very fine silk cord on which are the most tiny white pearls.
You can slide it in the back to open and close it. So it fits anybody!

Available in black, gray and white silk cord.
Please note the colour with the order.


€ 38


silk bracelet with mini pearls

A subtle piece, this delicate bracelet is the perfect option for everyday chic. Created with three strands of fine silk cord, this style has tiny pearls arbitrarily arranged throughout and a silver clasp fastening.
Size: 16 - 19 cm.

avaylable in:
olive green
sea blue

Please note which collour you like to order.


€ 42


cool pearl bracelet

This is one of those examples how pearls can be super cool!
This bracelet is made of double cotton cord with pretty pearls attached to it with silver wire.
You close it with a very nice silver toggle.

Wear it every day, or just to a speacial occaision, always nice!

€ 52